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You are your child’s first and most important teacher. We value your support in building a 
solid foundation to prepare your child for school. This is a list of concepts and skills that will help your child be successful in 
kindergarten. This list is only a sample and does not include everything that will be taught throughout the year.


Aligned to Common Core State Standards 
 Name and write uppercase and lowercase 
 Match letters to sounds when reading and 
 Learn and use new vocabulary words 
 Identify words that rhyme 
 Read common words such as the, of, you, 
are, she, and my 
 Ask and answer questions about a story 
 Identify characters, settings, and major 
events in a story 
 Participate in discussions by listening and 
taking turns speaking 
 Sort common objects into categories 
 Express thoughts, feelings, and ideas 
Aligned to Common Core State Standards 
 Count the number of objects in a group 
and compare the number of objects in two 
 Compare two numbers to identify which is 
greater than or less than the other 
 Understand addition as putting together 
and adding to and subtraction as taking 
apart and taking away from 
 Add and subtract very small numbers 
quickly and accurately 
 Represent numbers less than or equal to 
10 in more than one way (e.g., 9=6+3 or 
 Find the number from 1 to 9 that can be 
added to a given number to reach 10 by 
using objects or drawings to represent the 
 Solve addition and subtraction word 
problems involving numbers of 10 or less 
 Represent addition and subtraction word 
problems by using objects or drawing 
 Count to 100 by ones and tens 
 Understand that the place value of 
numbers from 11 to 19 contains ten ones 
and some leftover ones (e.g., 14=10+4) 
Aligned to Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks 
 Learn by watching and gathering 
information from surroundings 
 Identify objects in the sky: sun, moon, 
other stars, clouds, birds, airplanes 
 Identify the five senses: hearing, seeing, 
smelling, tasting, touching 
 Know the difference between living and 
non-living things 
 Identify uses of electricity 
 Identify basic life needs: water, food, air 
 Describe the seasons 
Aligned to Arkansas Curriculum Frameworks 
 Identify water and land, AR, and the U.S. 
on maps and globes 
 Use words related to location, 
direction, and distance 
 Identify home address, school, 
and city 
 Discuss differences and 
similarities in families and 
 Recognize the importance of 
protecting air, land, and water 
 Recognize the need for rules and 
consequences for violating rules 
 Practice good citizenship and 
good manners 
 Identify the governor, famous 
Arkansans, and the president 
 Recognize state and national 
symbols and holidays 
 Recognize all people have 
economic wants and needs and 
must make choices 
 Discuss how and why people earn 
a living 
 * Adapted from the Council of the Great City Schools Parent Roadmaps to Common Core Standards: 
Additional resource: National PTA

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